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so i was searching through reddit today and stumbled accross a post about Flixable.
flixable is a site that allows you to easerly search all the content on Netflix.

check it out here


i found a pastebin app on my hosting account called Paste.

so i installed my own one called PasteBox for people to use

You can find it here

i also found one that can be used with nc in linux, check that one out here



Download All Google Photos

so i was looking through my phone and noticed i have a shit load of old photos that are backed up to google photos.

i dont have a copy of all the photos so wanted to take a copy of everything in the cloud ( i hate the word cloud ) anyways i did some googleing and found Google Take Out

google take out allows you to download a copy of anything that is stored on your google account.


check it out here



Hi All,

at the moment i cant seem to find my old wordpress blog to restore it so ill have to start fresh atm.