so i was searching through reddit today and stumbled accross a post about Flixable.
flixable is a site that allows you to easerly search all the content on Netflix.

check it out here


Hi Everyone,


while checking out all the email filter providers i stumble accross MXGuardDog.

mxguarddog provide a email filtering service.

whats great about this is if you link to their site they will give you email filtering for free!

they offer a nice interface with email digests and simple white listing process.

check them out here



Hi All,


so recently i was looking around for a cheaper/free alternative to good sync while goodysnc is good i dont have any money at the moment.

after googling for a bit i came accross FreeFileSync.

i set it up and it works like a charm, easy to setup and use.

highly recommended if you want a file sync app.

as its a great product i will be donating soon to help further development.

check it out here



i found a pastebin app on my hosting account called Paste.

so i installed my own one called PasteBox for people to use

You can find it here

i also found one that can be used with nc in linux, check that one out here



Download All Google Photos

so i was looking through my phone and noticed i have a shit load of old photos that are backed up to google photos.

i dont have a copy of all the photos so wanted to take a copy of everything in the cloud ( i hate the word cloud ) anyways i did some googleing and found Google Take Out

google take out allows you to download a copy of anything that is stored on your google account.


check it out here


Proxmox application with Librenms

so in april i setup librenms, unfortunatly there was a problem with the proxmox snmp script but recently they fixed it. however i was still having problems running the snmp script as it needed to be run as root.

so after some googling i managed to find out that i need to edit the sudoers file on the proxmox server and add the following line.


this gives snmp root access to be able to run the script.



Ninite Automatic Application Updater

Ninite is a service that lets users automatically install popular applications for their operating system. It allows users to make a selection from a list of applications and bundles the selection into a single installer package. There are currently two versions of the service, for Windows and Linux. It is free for personal use. A paid version, Ninite Pro, is available for business use. Ninite is developed by Patrick Swieskowski and Sascha Kuzins

Check it out Here

Assign applications to diffrent sound outputs

so i have two sound cards on my pc.

one via the onboard sound card.
the other is via HDMI.

so i was intersted to find out if there was a way to assign applications to diffrent sound outputs and a quick google points out this awesome app called CheVolume
unfortunatly this app is not free so a little more googling i found Audio Router which is free.
links below.

CheVolume – Paid $24.99
Audio Router – Free

Hot Adding CPU’s to a linux Virtual Machine (ESX) without restarting

Hi All,

so i wanted to add some more processing power to a vm i am running without restarting it but didnt know how.
a quick google search shows that vmware has created a script to do this for you, but i wanted to know how to do it my self.
so a quick check of the script and it does the following.

  1. lists the idle cpu’s by running the following commmand
    1. ls /sys/devices/system/cpu/ | grep cpu | grep -v idle
      1. in my case this showed cpu2, cpu3
  2. then activating those cpu’s by running
    1. echo 1 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu2
    2. echo 1 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu3

a quick run of htop shows all 4 processes now working correctly without restarting.

dont you just love linux 😀




Hi All,

at the moment i cant seem to find my old wordpress blog to restore it so ill have to start fresh atm.